Inside Susan Boyle’s childhood council house she called home for almost 60 years

Susan Boyle's life had completely changed after finding fame on the small screen.

She was propelled into the limelight with her breathtaking performance on Britain's Got Talent in 2009 which got the nation talking.

But the singer, 58, has lived a very modest life despite raking in an estimated £22million on her climb to fame and fortune.

And the multi-millionaire has called the same council house a home for almost 60 years.

After purchasing the former council house, Susan decided to give the property a major makeover and she transformed it into a stunning modern living space.

The Scottish personality explained her home holds a lot of memories for her which was why she couldn't leave it behind after finding fame.

Susan told OK!: "It’s to do with the memories of your house and your upbringing, you need to take stock of things and maybe see where you come from and where your roots lie."

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She added: "It’s best to be grounded and with your roots. It keeps you grounded and prevents you from saying things maybe you shouldn't say."

Although the house looks somewhat modest at first glance, inside it boasted of a modern design and each room featured a different colour palette.

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Having a religious background, it's no surprise the house's entryway has a collection of Jesus Christ ornaments in front of Susan's piano room.

The piano room was adorned with many religious artifacts in addition to all of her musical memorabilia which decorated the room.

Her house celebrated her career's most memorable moments including a framed record from her one million album sales to a picture of her and Peter Kay from their Comic Relief single.

Keeping with the religious theme, Susan displayed photos and paintings of her late parents and a meeting with the Pope.

After her major revamp of the house, the singer opted for a large grey and checked sofa to adorn her similar-coloured living room and kitchen area.

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The kitchen was fitted with the latest appliances and a shiny cream-coloured floor which perfectly complemented the grey theme of the room.

The singer also kitted out her house with new wallpaper and even a grey carpet as she completed the transformation.

The living room also boasts a stunning fireplace which had a number of animal ornaments led out in front of it.

When showing her dressing room, she recalled: "There’s a bit of history attached to this house there used to be nine of us in it.

"Three sisters used to sleep in what is now my dressing room. Bridie, Cathy and myself. Mary had gotten married and left the nest long ago. So when they all left I was left with this room. This used to be my room."

Susan revamped the dressing room with costume jewellery and a wardrobe crammed full of fancy clothes following her rise to fame.

Although she raked in £22million, the singer has only splurged on a few major purchases including a fur coat and a bike.

But Susan has yet to take her fur coat out and show it off to the world.

The songstress claimed she gave her home a face lift because she was "beginning to lose things" in an interview with the Edinburgh Evening News.

She told the newspaper: "The house has been needing doing up for some time, I was beginning to lose things in it.

“I’ve had the kitchen done, the living room papered, the floors done and a summerhouse put out the back.”

The Britain's Got Talent star enthused she cherished her home as a "wee retreat" for herself.

Susan added: “It will be a wee retreat for me, although I haven’t used it yet, with all the rain. It makes the place look bigger and more homely.”

Previously, the singer talked about how her childhood bedroom was her refuge when she faced bullies at school.

“I was bullied quite a lot as a child." She told The Daily Mail.

“Music was very much an escape, because I'd go to my bedroom and nobody could taunt me."

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