Is Angelina Jolie Planning On Adopting Baby No 7 Now That Maddox Has Left For College?

Angelina Jolie might be expanding her family now that Maddox Jolie-Pitt is off to college. Inside sources claim that the Maleficent star is thinking about adopting another child, giving her a grand total of seven kids. Maddox’s departure is reportedly the catalyst for Jolie’s new adoption plans, which she hopes to fulfill before the year is out.

Maddox leaves home

After visiting several campuses around the world, Maddoxflew to South Korea to attend a university last month. An inside source claimsthat Jolie has been wanting to adopt another child for a long time but wasforced to put her plans on hold until Maddox went off to college.

In August, Jolie dropped off Maddox at his new home inYonsei University, which is located in Seoul. Inside sources say that Jolie didnot handle Maddox’s departure well and hopes that another child will help herfill a void.

Aside from adopting, the actress was also thinking aboutdating again. Those plans, however, have fallen by the wayside as Jolieprepares to add to the family once again. While Jolie is dead set on expandingher brood, exactly where she will adopt remains a mystery.

Angelina Jolie set to adopt baby no. 7

A source told RadarOnline that Jolie has a lot of ties around the world and can adopt frompretty much anywhere she wants. To that end, the actress is taking her timepicking the perfect adoption center and country – though she is reportedlyinterested in the Middle East.

“She’s doing this very methodically and still favors pickinga child from an impoverished region she’s familiar with, like Syria or anotherpart of the Middle East,” the source shared.

The insider noted that Jolie wants to move fast in theadoption, so she will be looking at places that do not have a lot of red tape. Shealso wants to have the baby in hand before the end of the year, though her busyschedule might prevent that from happening.

Jolie is currently getting ready to star in the new Marvel film, The Eternals. It is unclear when the project will begin production, but the movie is scheduled to be released in 2020. If filming starts soon, then Jolie might have to push her adoption plans back.

Inside Maddox and Pitt’s relationship

While Jolie is looking to add to the family, Pitt isreportedly doing everything in his power to fix his fractured relationship withMaddox. Sources claim that Maddox does not want anything to do with Pitt anddoes not see himself as the actor’s son.

The ill feelings between the two stem from an allegedaltercation on a private plane in 2016. Pitt reportedly abused Maddox on theflight, and the incident is what forced Jolie to file for divorce a few weekslater.

Pitt was investigated after news of the incident broke. Theactor was cleared of any wrongdoing and agreed to participate in familytherapy.

Although Pitt did his best to make amends with his children,he and Pitt fought a bitter custody battle that lasted several years. Even tothis day, Pitt still has a strained relationship with Maddox, who is very closeto Jolie.

Angelina Jolie adopted Maddox in 2002. Pitt legally became Maddox’s father in 2006, a year after he started dating Jolie.

Jolie gets emotional

Considering how Maddox was Jolie’s first child, the twoshare a very close bond. In fact, when Jolie dropped off Maddox in Seoul lastmonth, she broke down in tears as she said goodbye.

“Oh my god, an ‘embarrass your children’s ugly cry!” Jolieshared.

According to Today,Jolie noted that Maddox was a good sport during her emotional farewell. Eventhough she kept turning around to say one final goodbye, he kept waving to her,knowing that it was a difficult thing for her to do.

Jolie adopted Maddox from an orphanage located in Cambodia.The actress shares five other children with Pitt, including Pax, Zahara,Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. Jolie has not commented on the rumors surroundingher plans to adopt.

Pitt has also remained quiet about the status of hisrelationship with Maddox. The actor was not on hand when Angelina Jolie flewMaddox to Seoul and reportedly played a small part in selecting the school.

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