Izabella Alvarez Only Eats These Color Skittles! Learn 10 Fun Facts About ‘The Casagrandes’ Star Here!

You’re about to hear a whole lot more about Izabella Alvarez.

The 15-year-old actress voices Ronnie Anne in the new animated series, The Casagrandes, on Nickelodeon. The show centers on Ronnie Anne, who moves to the big city alongside her mother and older brother Bobby, where she meets her extended Hispanic family.

Catching up with Izabella recently, JJJ learned 10 Fun Facts about the actress. You can check them out below!

You can also see pics of Izabella at the premiere of Netflix’s Green Eggs & Ham over the weekend in Los Angeles.

  • I love eating ice.
  • I enjoy painting in my free time.
  • I did gymnastics for 6 years growing up.
  • I started drinking coffee behind my parents back when I was 3.
  • My grandma thought I had a sore throat all the time growing up because of my raspy voice.
  • I’m a sucker for candles
  • I want to get my Real Estate license when I’m older.
  • I have a fear of planes, but yet I want to travel the whole world.
  • I only like eating the green & red skittles.
  • My older brother & I played siblings in a TV show. The producers didn’t know we were related until the day we filmed.

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