Jana Duggar Gets Slammed By Fans: Everyone In Your Family Looks the Same!

As a general rule, saying mean things about people on social media is a very bad thing.

But if there was ever a group of individuals who deserve to get roasted for everything they post, it’s the Duggars.

Now, only some family members are responsible for harboring a sexual predator and allowing to claim victims for decades, so you should save the really mean stuff for those folks.

But the whole family is pretty ridiculous, so anytime you just want to hurl some softball insults at them, feel free.

Here’s an example of what we mean:

If you want to make fun of this family for, say, the ridiculous Duggar courtship rules, have at it.

Not only are the rules stupid, they seem to have completely warped the minds of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children.

If you have any doubt about that fact, allow us to direct you to the fact that the Duggars eldest son was recently convicted of possessing and receiving child pornography, and their eldest daughter was recently arrested on child endangerment charges.

Granted, it’s a small sample size, but thus far it seems that the grand Duggar experiment is not working out so well.

Anyway, speaking of Jana, she’s the latest Duggar to get gently mocked on her own Instagram page, but it’s not for the reasons you would expect.

And by that, we mean it’s not because Jana let a child wander off and walk like two miles away while she was supposed to be babysitting.

No, this time the trash talk was seemingly unintentional, and it all had to do with the fact that the Duggars all basically look the same.

It all started when Jana posted the photo below, which was taken during a shopping outing with her mom and sisters.

The trouble started when fans couldn’t resist pointing out that the Duggar gals are virtually indistinguishable from one another.

“Looking good ladies. I would love to know who’s who. The only two I can tell is Jana and Josie,” one person wrote.

“You girls all look so much alike it is hard to tell who is who now that the younger kids are growing up,” another added.

“Johanna looks exactly like joy Anna!” a third chimed in.

We don’t think anyone meant any harm by these remarks, but when you post a bunch of pics, and all anyone has to say is “you all look exactly the same” it’s probably tough not to get a little bit offended.

But hey, Jana’s got bigger problems to grapple with than the unintentionally-snide remarks of a few random internet strangers.

For starters, there’s that pesky child endangerment charge.

She probably won’t do any time for it, but the situation is not exactly doing any favors for her reputation.

Is this well-documented outing Jana’s way of showing the world that she’s still allowed to take care of her sisters?

That may sound like a cynical interpretation, but PR opportunities are always on the mind of any of Jim Bob’s offspring.

Although if Jana thinks that her family is gonna be able to rebuild after this latest slate of scandals, she’s got another thing coming.

Even the Duggars’ most diehard fans are fed up with them at this point, which means some of them might finally be forced to get real jobs!

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