Jana Duggar Totally Disregards Jim Bob’s Dress Code: I Needed This!

She’s at it again!

Jana has been breaking the Duggar dress code all summer, and now, it seems she’s going out with a bang by slipping two violations into a single photo.

That’s Jana enjoying some time on a boat in shorts (violation #1) and a sleeveless shirt (violation #2), and apparently, she thinks she’s exempt from her father’s asinine rules as long as she’s not on land.

Just kidding, she clearly stopped giving a damn about the dress code sometime in the past year, and it seems she has no intention of going back.

“There isn’t much that compares to lake days in the summer! I needed this fresh air more than ever,” Jana captioned the photo.

“We literally stayed out until the sun went down! #makingmemories #beaverlake #lakehairdontcare,

Now, we’re tempted to point out that a grown woman staying out until sundown wouldn’t be scandalous in 1920, much less 2020, but we have to remind ourselves that the Duggar girls’ rebellion is all about baby steps.

The great thing about posts like this one is how casually Jana breaks the rules.

Whether she’s rocking bare shoulders on an unchaperoned vacation or — gasp! — wearing pants while riding a bike, Jana never mentions her rule violation in the post.

She just uploads the pic and waits for the stunned comments to roll in.

“Can’t believe she has a skirt on!” one fan remarked on Jana’s latest pic.

“Short sleeves Jana I like it!” another remarked.

Some fixated on Jana’s use of the pronoun “we” in the caption, but many others pointed out that the woman has 18 siblings.

The fact that she wasn’t on the water alone is not necessarily a sign of a secret courtship.

Of course, when the Duggars are involved, you always have to consider the possibility of a publicity stunt.

Jana’s dress code violation posts are so consistently popular that there’s a chance Jim Bob is actually encouraging her to create such scandalous content.

We can see how that theory might gain traction with fans, but it’s our opinion that Jana really is striking out on her own without any fear of what Jim Bob thinks.

Why now? Why would Jana suddenly toss the rules out the window despite the fact that she still lives at home with her parents?

Well, there are several possible explanations behind the timing.

For starters, Jana has been watching the other Duggar daughters wear pants and generally flip Jim Bob the bird for several years now.

It stands to reason that she would want to get in on the fun eventually.

But perhaps the real reason for Jana’s sudden disregard for the dress code is the fact that her best friend Laura DeMasie recently moved to Georgia, allegedly at Jim Bob’s behest.

If, as so many have claimed, Laura was sent away by Jim Bob because he felt she had become too close with Jana, then we can see how that might cause the 30-year-old to suddenly lash out.

Of course, “lashing out” for the Duggars sometimes means very subtly violating the family dress code — they’re a passive-aggressive lot.

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