Jasmine Sanders Goes Topless For Sandy Beach Shot On Instagram

Sports Illustrated is busy updating fans on their current photoshoot for the 2019 “Swimsuit Edition.” The newest model up to bat is Jasmine Sanders, who goes by @golden_barbie on Instagram. She’s a rookie this year, but SI’s admitted that she is “making it look easy!” as she stuns in photo after photo. The newest sneak peek shows Jasmine topless while wearing a small, yellow thong bikini bottom. She faced her back to the camera, as she looked over her right shoulder. Her back was completely sandy, as she censored herself with her right hand. The model wore her hair down in tight curls, and looked great with nude lips and dark eyeshadow. Sanders also shared the photo to her page, where she captioned it, “Mini Cinna-buns.”

Fans are clearly already on board with Jasmine, with people saying things like “The most exotic bombshell there ever wasss,” and “EVERYTHING [fire emoji].” The model even responded in the SI post’s comments, saying “Can someone pinch me already!!! Love you all so much!!”

Sanders had already teased fans of her upcoming photos with a video of herself shaking her thing, as she let them know that she was in Costa Rica. The models appear to be staying at the Casa Chameleon Hotels, with the hotel sharing some of SI’s photos from the recent shoot on their Instagram page.

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Challah back at it @si_swimsuit

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Previously, Jasmine opened up about what makes her tick and what her inspirations are to OceanDrive.

“A lot of people who inspire me, whether they’re famous or not, are usually [people who are] not really trying so hard. I feel like everybody just needs to take a breather and smile more, and care less about their outfit and hair and everything else. Not that I’m not going to care about it—and it probably will take me a while to do it—but it’s going to look like I didn’t care too much.”

This sort of happy-go-lucky vibe mixes with her fierce modeling skills to produce amazing results. She’s clearly super excited about working with SI. The publication posted a short video on their Stories of the model talking into the camera as she walked to the shoot location. Sanders looked incredibly excited and bubbly, while a second video showed her posing at the beach topless for the picture that was shared to the page. It was simply captioned, “MOOD.” Fans can probably expect to see more photos to be posted to the account in the coming days.

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Always jingle all the way. No one likes a half-assed jingler.

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