Jay Blades’ estranged dad tried to take credit for his success in last calls

Jay Blades, 53, has revealed how his dad tried to take credit for his success, despite not being part of the star’s life.

The Repair Shop star spoke candidly about his relationship with his estranged dad.

Speaking on the Big Fish with Spencer Matthews podcast, Jay Blades shared how his father, Trevor, had been in contact.

He expressed disdain for the man that he refused to call father and instead called him the man “who contributed to his birth”.

“I have a real problem with him… I probably spoke to him about four times in my entire life,” he admitted.

Jay shared how although they had not met when he was younger, his dad contacted him occasionally when he was older.

Initially, he was asked for help mending a broken picture frame and Jay instead referred his dad to the BBC website.

However, the conversation didn’t stop there, as Jay shared that Trevor stated that the presenter’s success on The Repair Shop was because of him.

“I just want to tell you that everything you’re doing is because of me.

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“I’m responsible for that.”

When asked by Spencer, he laughed at the assumption by his father that “he’s the reason why I’m successful”.

The Hackney-raised star said he had replied to Trevor over the phone that it was because of his dad’s lack of involvement in his life that he was able to know “how not to be a father”.

The Repair Shop recently received the Daytime BAFTA award for their feature of King Charles III, in which they repaired the monarch’s 18th-century bracket clock and a piece made for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

Speaking at the event, Jay revealed that he would continue with the show: “I think we’ve been commissioned for another two years if I’m not mistaken.

“We are going to do more. We’ve just won a BAFTA so I think they’re going to want us to stay on air.”

Whilst the call with Trevor was expected to be his last, Jay revealed on the same podcast that he only later contacted the man once more for confirmation on his siblings.

He shared that he found out that he currently has 27 siblings, but there could be more.

Despite not wanting to contact the man anymore, he confessed that he saw similarities between the two in his younger years, due to their relationships with women.

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