Jen Harley Claps Back At ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Stars For Not Believing That She Got Robbed

Jen Harley, the mother of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s daughter — and his on-again-off-again girlfriend — took to Instagram yesterday to slam the cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation for not believing that she was the victim of an alleged robbery.

In a clip from the season finale that aired last night, the JSFV crew listened in as Ron as chatted on the phone with Jen, who revealed that the house had been broken into the night prior while her and their baby, Ariana, slept. Pauly D, Mike, Angela, and Deena huddled on the bed listening intently. As Ron tried to get to the bottom of the drama, his roommates speculated that Jen might not be telling the truth, as Us Weekly reported.

“Jen is up to no good… Last time I talked to Ronnie, he had blocked Jen, and I think she’s just doing this to get Ronnie to talk to her,” Pauly confessed during the clip.

“She’s lying, this girl. She probably did it. Yo, this girl is so vindictive. She’s so evil. It’s not even funny,” Angela said in hushed tones, after Jen confessed that she and Ariana had stayed in the house after the break-in.

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Ronnie attempted to convince Jen to take the baby and to leave the house before something else happened to them — noting that he would be too far away to help. Deena chimed in and said that if she could make something like this up, it would be “scary.”

After seeing the clip of the drama unfold, Jenn took to her Instagram account — and tore into the cast for making light of the situation.

“I love how everyone wants to talk s**t on me in the clip I just seen on JS the night I got robbed. I did not call Ron expecting it to be broadcasted on tv I didn’t even know he talked about it until now. 4 of my neighbors got robbed that night I woke up to a man in my house with my Daughter there and my friends 14 year old daughter. I don’t see how this situation has become your entertainment or a reason to call me crazy bc the cast wants to talk s**t about me,” Jen wrote in the scathing Instagram post.

Ronnie and Jen are no strangers to drama. The couple have publicly feuded on their social media accounts since they began dating in 2017. Recently, Ronnie took to his own Instagram account to apologize to Jen for getting in a hot tub with his roommate’s gal-pal, Lindsay. The incident, caught on JSFV cameras, showed the duo getting cozy, and Ronnie inviting Lindsay to sleep in his bed.

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