Jenelle Evans Defends Husband David Eason After He’s Accused of Pulling Gun on Woman

AceShowbizDavid Eason has once again landed himself in trouble involving guns. Kelli Britt Faulk, a North Carolina resident, recently accused the “Teen Mom 2” alum of pulling a gun and harassing her mother when she approached his home.

“Just thought you should know that the woman you pulled a gun on was my mom. The woman in that white car was my mom which is a real estate agent who was out looking for land,” the woman posted the message to David and Jenelle Evans‘ Facebook page. She detailed the incident in the comment section, “He chased her down with it like a maniac. My momma is nosy. And she wouldn’t [sic] harm a fly.”

While David has yet to respond to the accusation, Jenelle already did it for him. Calling Kelli’s mom “a liar,” the television personality said, “David had his phone on him and nothing else. But if she comes on my property again she will be charged with trespassing and harassment. And there’s no land for sale on my road… once again another lie.”

But Kellie didn’t back down and even dubbed Jenelle an “idiot” for misunderstanding her words. “My momma doesn’t want your dumpy modular house. She immediately called me and thought it was one of my best friends that did it to her,” she said, explaining that she only realized it after seeing a screenshot of David’s Snapchat which showed the incident. “Y’all are nothing more than crazy lunatics. Just because you’re on TV doesn’t make you any better than anyone else.”

“He even cussed her out and said he was buying every single bit of land around there… yeah like that’s gonna happen,” Kellie added, to which Jenelle once again denied by claiming that her husband couldn’t have had a gun on him as “he had two hands on the 4 wheeler.”

People soon joined the back-and-forth between the two ladies, with many pointing out that Jenelle was being “delusional” because her husband once claimed to always be carrying a firearm. “David himself says he’s always strapped. We know this,” one fan commented.

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