Jenelle Evans slams Morgan Stewart for comments about her dog killing controversy

Jenelle Evans is calling out Morgan Stewart after the “Nightly Pop” host asked “how the f—k is this piece of trash not in jail?” following allegations her husband, David Eason, allegedly shot and killed their French bulldog.

On Sunday, Stewart, 31, and fellow hosts Nina Parker and Hunter March were discussing the “Teen Mom” star’s recent controversy when Stewart asked “If people are getting arrested for licking ice cream, how the f—k is this piece of trash not in jail? It’s craziness.”

Last week, the Columbus County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office’s also accused Evans of admitting she made up the killing story “for the publicity.”

The reality star later denied the police department’s allegations, and Evans’ rep Johnny Donovan told Page Six in a phone interview Monday that they were blind-sighted by how it “all transpired so quickly.”

Stewart added, “By the way, I want to shoot both of them for even alleging that. That’s not OK.”

Evans posted a clip of Stewart’s comments on her Instagram Stories on Monday, and also shared a screenshot of a Page Six exclusive about the host, in which multiple sources told us Stewart had been accused of engaging in an “inappropriate relationship” with her former boss at E!.

“This chick went on #ENews and really said she wants to shoot me and David,” Evans wrote over the image. She also tweeted, “Wowwww… @enews just had their host claim she wants to shoot me and my husband,” to which a fan responded, “Wanting to do something and actually making a threat to do something are two completely different things.”

Evans’ rep told Page Six on Monday that the “Teen Mom” star is “very upset” and always feels like “someone is attacking her,” but added that although Stewart went too far saying she wanted to “kill my client,” he realizes that Stewart is “entitled to her own opinion.”

“We’ll let Morgan do her job and [Evans] will move forward with her job — which is being a mom to her kids,” Donovan said. “Wish Morgan the best in all her endeavors because her endeavors aren’t even organized. Good luck to Morgan and her husband, as well.”

This is not the first time Stewart has been criticized for her opinions on E!. In April, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande bashed the host for her critical comments about Bieber’s Coachella performance.

The “Sorry” singer tweeted, “Imagine if you spent even half the time you spend laughing at other peoples expense actually building people up and encouraging people how much positivity you could bring.”

Stewart’s rep declined to comment and E! could not be reached.

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