Jenelle Evans Taunts Body-Shaming Trolls With Bikini Pics!

We probably don’t need to tell you there’s a whole lot wrong with Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle is an abuser and a bigot who has repeatedly placed her children in harm’s way so that she could pursue her own selfish choices.

Most recently, Jenelle got back together with David Eason, despite his long, well-documented history of mistreating her children.

Remember when David killed Jenelle’s dog in front of the kids?

Yeah, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

But while there are many, many legitimate reasons to make fun of Jenelle, some of the commenters on her Instagram page have been roasting her for inappropriate reason — namely, her physique.

Jenelle has been going to the beach a lot lately, which makes sense.

Her state has started to reopen, but many businesses are still closed, which means options are limited for those looking to get out of the house — or off The Land, as the case may be.

All that beach time means we’ve been getting more Jenelle bikini pics then we’re accustomed to.

And more Jenelle bikini pics means more haters flooding Evans’ comments section with boorish insults.

One hater responded to Jenelle’s latest pic by simply commenting, “Yikes.”

Another posted a pig emoji.

This prompted a reply from Jenelle, who wrote, “Your account is fake bro.”

Fortunately, Evans had more fans than haters in her comments section this time.

“Loving that swim suit glad you’re rocking it regardless of the haters,” one follower wrote.

“Don’t let the negative get you down! Love seeing you smile and confident. Do you girl and make yourself proud!!!!” another commented.

“Don’t like you but glad you are showing your body proudly,” a third chimed in.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

It’s natural not to like Jenelle.

As we stated above, there are many, many reasons for disliking her.

But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to body-shame her or rag on her appearance.

If you call Jenelle fat online, she probably won’t even see it.

But there’s a very good chance that a good person with a simikar physique will see you remark, and it may well ruin their day.

So keep that in mind, the next time you feel compelled to comment on her body.

Better to play it safe by roasting Jenelle for something she could easily change but repeatedly chooses not to, like her abhorrent behavior!

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