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Jennifer Aniston — a.k.a. the greatest Jennifer in Hollywood and a star who happens to be both super-fit and super-stylish — has experienced quite a transformation during her time in the spotlight. In fact, according to Elle, she’s “worn 50+ hairstyles in 30 years,” including everything from “beachy waves” to “short and choppy bobs” as well as “the rare slicked-back pony” and, of course, “The Rachel.” While she may not have loved every style that she’s tried out, it seems like fans will never lose interest in how the star chooses to cut, curl or arrange her hair.

That’s why it may not be too surprising (although it is still totally wild) to find out that in 2019, Harper’s Bazaar noted that “the term ‘Jennifer Aniston hair’ is Googled every 0.62 seconds globally.” Indeed, while she became an undeniable hairstyle icon during her days on Friends, people are obviously still just as eager to check out her ‘do these days. That includes those who are left “feeling seriously jealous of Jen’s always camera-ready hair in The Morning Show,” as Good Housekeeping put it. 

Granted, feeling that way is completely understandable when you check out the look for the gig that she showed off in January 2021. It might even be the inspiration for your next hairstyle choice.

Jennifer Aniston embraced a lighter hair color for 'The Morning Show'

Do you have a preference when it comes to how Jennifer Aniston wears her hair? Do you prefer it long or do you like it when she tries out something shorter? Are you into her wavy hair or are you more excited to see it super-straight? And what about the color? While the star has opted for a range of blonde and (usually lighter) brown shades, she chose something on the brighter side in January 2021.

Taking to Instagram, Aniston shared a “selfie with her longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan,” per Us Weekly. The photo showed the star with longer strands that were slightly wavy in the front while also “reveal[ing] her hair had been lightened on the set of The Morning Show.”

Unsurprisingly, Aniston’s friends, former co-stars and admirers hopped into the comments to share their thoughts on her new look, with Courteney Cox writing, “Gorgeous girl.” Former CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jessica Yellin added, “Best pandemic hair.” That may be true. While plenty of stars — including Pink, Hilary Duff, Chris Noth and Joe Manganiello — have changed up their looks during lockdown, Aniston’s camera-worthy change is arguably among the best.

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