Jeremy Clarkson claims former PM David Cameron ‘blew up’ his tractor

Jeremy Clarkson apologises to Dan Walker over question

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Jeremy Clarkson, 62, hinted that David Cameron once borrowed his tractor and accidentally “blew it up”, causing a loud “bang”.  The Clarkson’s Farm star recounted the time a “former prime minister” broke his tractor, as he was left “dumbstruck” before finding out what happened.

Jeremy said: “My tractor has exploded. A mate who lives in the next village rang saying he needed it to mow his paddock.

“I won’t give you his name, save to say it begins with a D. And ends with an ‘avid Cameron’. But that’s not important. What is important is that he borrowed it and it blew up.”

He added: “My neighbour arrived to borrow it one sunny Saturday morning and set off down my drive, looking like a politician who’s pretending not to understand the countryside. Polo shirt. Ear defenders. Peaky Blinders hat. And black wellingtons.

“And 200 yards further on there was a bang and a Ukraine-sized mushroom cloud.

“Oil splattered into all the blackberry bushes and bits of iron were to be heard landing several minutes later.

Jeremy went on: “I was dumbstruck because initially I figured he’d been hit by a heat-seeking missile.”

Recounting the anecdote in his column for The Times, Jeremy said the culprit for the disaster “claims of course that he didn’t do anything wrong,” and that the machine “decided, for no reason, to have a smoky aneurysm”. has contacted representatives for David Cameron for comment.

Jeremy will soon be back with another series of Clarkson’s Farm as he recently confirmed to fans he “had some great news” about the Amazon Prime hit.

Last month, Jeremy revealed there will be a season three after fans eagerly awaited confirmation.

Filming for the third series is currently underway ahead of the launch of series two which will land on screens in 2023.

The third instalment will follow Jeremy, Lisa, Kaleb and Charlie as they face another set of challenges.

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As well as the returning cast, a few new appearances will be welcomed to Diddly Squat Farm, too, all helping the TV star to continue pursuing his farming dream.

Discussing the upcoming series, Jeremy said: “I’m genuinely thrilled that we are doing a third season of Clarkson’s Farm. I’ve had some great new ideas, all of which have made Charlie, Lisa and Kaleb deeply unhappy.

“I’m over the moon to be taking part again,” Kaleb continued. “Well, they do say third time’s a charm

“Maybe this will be the series that Jeremy finally starts taking advice from a real farmer.”

“There is a whole lot to catch up on here at Diddly Squat,” Lisa added. “Series two is on its way so not long to wait for you to see how much the hard work and love of farming continues.

“It’s just grand to be already filming series three.”

Dan Grabiner, head of UK Originals, Amazon Studios went on to say: “Thank you, Kaleb, Lisa, Gerald, and Charlie for making sure Jeremy doesn’t completely muck it up.

“Watching Clarkson’s Farm grow from an intimate glimpse into British farming to a global sensation has been a delight.”

Clarkson’s Farm is expected to return to Amazon Prime early 2023.

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