Joanna Lumley sets record straight on discussing who she votes for ‘I hate party politics’

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Joanna Lumley, 74, is known for being an outspoken advocate for what she believes in. However, many have speculated about which party she tends to vote for when she hits the polls. Now the national treasure has cleared this up in a new podcast, speaking about why she doesn’t address it.

Joanna is a staunch advocate for many things but has never publicly announced who she votes for.

Speaking in a recent interview she cleared up why she keeps it private.

She said: “I’ve never said how I vote because I think one of the things you mustn’t do is that if people do like you, they might go, ‘Oh, we’ll do what so-and-so does’.

“And I think politics is really something you’ve got to go to your own heart and you’ve got to think hard about things yourself.”

Joanna was speaking on the Telegraph’s Chopper’s Politics podcast when she made the admission.

The actor also revealed her thoughts on party politics to the host Christopher Hope

When asked about her views, the actor replied: “I think, Chris, all politicians seem to go into it for good.

“I don’t know a single one who’s gone in like Attila the Hun who wants to kill and destroy.

“They all try to do good things. So in every party, there’s somebody saying something interesting.

“That’s why I hate party lines, I hate party politics.

“I love politics but not party politics. I would like to see many, many more independents actually.”

Joanna who has been acting since the 1960s also explained she doesn’t think she’s ever lost any roles for her political views.


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She continued: “No, no, no. I also vote differently I look at who’s saying what and where they are.”

The Hollywood star has opened up occasionally in the past about various politicians and political movements.

Ahead of the general election in 2019, she was among several public figures urging people to not vote for Labour due to associations with antisemitism.

She was among signatories like Jimmy Wales, Simon Callow and Tony Parsons in a letter to the Guardian.

While Joanna has never revealed which side she voted for in the Brexit referendum, she has defended those voting for Brexit in the past.

In an interview with the Radio Times in 2017, she said: “We have to remember that most people in this country have good hearts and a sense of justice and generosity.

“What is highlighted are the b******* who say and do cruel and wicked things but we must remember the majority aren’t those people.”

You can listen to the full Joanna Lumley podcast here.

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