Jodie Turner-Smith Details How Her Relationship With Joshua Jackson Began As A One-Night Stand!

Who knew one night of passion could turn into a longtime romance? Sounds like something out of a movie, but that is exactly how Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson’s love story apparently started!

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old actress went on Late Night with Seth Meyers where she revealed how the couple only intended to keep their dalliance super brief. Jodie revealed how they were only meant to have a “one-night stand,” before joking:

“We’re in a two, three-year one-night stand now.”

Ha! It can happen like that sometimes! LOLz!

The Queen & Slim star then went on to detail exactly how the duo met and how she tried to play hard to get at first. Jodie confessed:

“First of all, I saw him before he saw me, and when I saw him, I was like, ‘I want that.’ And then when he saw me, I just pretended like I didn’t see him.”

However, the Dawson’s Creek alum did not back down. The model then explained how the actor called attention to her NSFW top in the middle of the party, saying:

“He had to yell across the room to me, and I was wearing this T-shirt from a movie called Sorry to Bother You and Tessa Thompson plays a character called Detroit, and she has this T-shirt that says, ‘The Future is Female Ejaculation.’ And so, he shouts across the room, ‘Detroit!’ He comes over and … does this really cute, charming thing that he does and just all night — he just basically followed me around the party.”

If that were anyone but Pacey, we’d say RED FLAG! But he is pretty cute… And as they say, the rest was history!

Doesn’t the couple’s story sound straight out of a romantic comedy?! But what else can we expect from two actors! In case you didn’t know, the pair began dating in October 2018 and tied the knot in December 2019. A few months later, they welcomed their first child, Janie Jackson.

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The momma recently gushed to People about how fortunate the pair feels to have found each other — even with their inneresting beginnings.

“I think it’s really beautiful to be with someone who is so supportive and so loving. We’re so similar in so many ways. We’re like mirrors for each other. And I just really love that human being.”

She quipped:

“We high-five each other all the time about how great we chose. We’re like, ‘You did a great job choosing,’ and then we’re like, ‘Yeah, you too.’”

Ugh, it is all just too cute! Ch-ch-check out a clip from the interview (below):

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