Jorge Nava: Women Are Writing Me Love Letters in Prison!

We are likely just days away from Jorge Nava getting out of prison, at which point he plans to immediately divorce Anfisa.

But when he gets out, it sounds like he’s going to have a lot of romantic options already.

Jorge Nava gave another interview from prison, this time to In Touch Weekly.

In an interview facilitated by his attorney, Jorge reveals that he has been receiving “love letters” while behind bars.

Jorge definitely appreciates the attention, he affirms.

However, he notes that he is not “really take anything seriously.”

His reasoning is simple:  Jorge admittedly “doesn’t know these women.”

When asked about the content of these messages, Jorge stresses that the letters are “not necessarily crazy.”

Sometimes, he admits, the nature of the messages that are sent to him is “kind of personal.”

In other words, people have probably sent him erotic messages, drawings of themselves, and more.

The phenomenon of people, mostly women, writing to inmates is not new, and it is not limited to reality stars.

Look, some folks like to have a “captive audience,” and someone being in prison all but guarantees that they will read your letter.

And then some people get off — figuratively and literally — on the idea that a prisoner with no other outlet may be fantasizing about them.

But while Jorge appreciates the attention, he is leery of getting too close — for one very good reason.

“What I do notice is that, you know, a lot of people do connect with me,” Jorge observes.

“And,” he expresses, “I feel like they are connecting with what they’ve seen on the TV, not with me personally.”

That would make sense, as he is known from reality television.

But that does not mean that he does not welcome the contact all the same.

Jorge affirms that he does “enjoy” receiving this correspondence.

He explains that “it gives [him] some positive hope.”

“I’m getting released soon,” Jorge anticipates.

“And all [the] positive feedback that I’m getting from strangers, like on social media and stuff like that …” he begins.

Speaking of the encouragement in the letters, Jorge continues: “it’s just giving me this really good feeling.”

He adds that this good feeling is “about my new beginning, really.”

“I’m trying to build a positive image for everybody that, you know, even … in [the] darkest time in life, it’s still good to have hope,” Jorge shares.

“He concludes: “because the light at the end of the tunnel will definitely come in time.”

Anfisa famously went on a fitness journey while Jorge was behind bars, entering and winning a bikini bodybuilding competition.

Jorge’s body transformation was much more dramatic and impressive.

Behind bars, he has shed 128 pounds, mostly because he exercised with fellow prisoners.

Fans have been blown away by how dramatically Jorge has changed his appearance while incarcerated.

But while some fans wondered how the spouses would react to each other’s new bodies when they were reunited, that is not what will happen.

Instead, Anfisa moved on with a new boyfriend while Jorge was behind bars, just months before his expected release.

Previously, Anfisa had resolved to remain Jorge’s wife and partner during his sentence.

Clearly, she changed her mind.

According to Jorge, Anfisa’s change of heart had less to do with loneliness and more to do with envy.

He says that after he received so much attention for his weight loss last autumn, Anfisa suddenly stopped speaking to him.

Meanwhile, Anfisa says that she is done with Jorge because he is immature enough to make claims just like that about their divorce.

We look forward to Jorge’s release next month! Being imprisoned for possession of a naughty plant was an unjust violation of his fundamental human rights.

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