Julius Jones' Death Sentence Commuted, Gets Life Without Parole

Julius Jones' Death Sentence Commuted, Gets Life Without Parole

11:14 AM PT — Kim just posted about Julius’ situation, thanking Gov. Stitts for his decision, she also revealed she spent a lot of yesterday on the phone with Jones, who she says refused anxiety medication offered to prisoners who are to be executed, saying, “… he said he has a clear conscience and that gives him peace knowing he is innocent and did not want to be drugged up.”

She continues, “He also wanted me to pass a few messages along that were really important to him. The most important is that you have to always make sure you are doing the right thing. Julius was hanging out with the wrong crowd and that landed him in the position he’s in today.”

Julius Jones — the man who Kim Kardashian has fought for — will have his life spared, but remain behind bars.

Julius, whose case has gained national attention, will NOT be executed as was scheduled today … instead, Oklahoma’s Gov. Kevin Stitt is commuting Jones’ death sentence to life without parole.

Stitt says he made the decision “after prayerful consideration and reviewing materials presented by all sides of this case.”

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The governor’s decision falls in line with the recommendation from the Parole Board, who said Julius should not be executed but rather serve out a life sentence behind bars.

As you know … JJ was charged and convicted for first-degree murder back in 2002, with prosecutors pinning him to the shooting death of 45-year-old Paul Howell.

Julius always maintained his innocence … and there’s been a lot made of the weak evidence in the case linking him to the murder, as well as racially charged undertones.

Kim Kardashian's Instagram Posts On Julius Jones

Kim’s lobbied and advocated on Julius’ behalf for a while, most recently reaching out to the Jones fam and shedding light on where things stood on his case.

Now, Julius is having his life spared.

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