June Shannon: Yes, I’m a Crackhead! And I Want My Family Back!

Is June Shannon really a changed woman?

Over the past few episodes of Mama June: Family Crisis, the troubled main character delved into detail regarding her extreme drug habit.

It nearly made her blind. It cost $2,500 per day. It cost her relatiionships with her children.

Therefore, the question heading into Friday night’s finale was whether or not Shannon would realize the error of all her ways — and actually seek help.

We didn’t start off on a promising note, as June bailed on outpatient treatment despite making it clear she hit rock bottom ages ago.

“It got to the point where being able to afford a hotel and being able to live just was not possible, so then we started sleeping in the Suburban,” she revealed of how far she and boyfriend Geno Doak fell.

“It was a few nights we ended up staying in there.”

Added Doak, who sucks so very much:

“In the past six months, we spent 150,000 on cocaine. It’s been rough, it really has.”

It seems impossible to comprehend, but  June said the couple could polish off “a couple ounces a day, sometimes three” — with Geno saying they’d go through “an 8-ball in an hour.”

Trust us: That’s CRAZY!

It’s a wonder they’re alive.

In a surprising twist, the two actually entered the Banyan Treatment Center in Florida, except they couldn’t see each other until they finished their 30-day program.

This was a welcome move, of course, although June — who tipped the scales at only 196 pounds — was hesitant to call herself an “addict” when  speaking to a therapist.

“I have an addictive personality and let’s just leave it at that for right now,” she said. “I have an addictive personality, but I’m not a crackhead.”

Fast forward nearly a month, however?

“My addiction to crack cocaine, cocaine, I didn’t think I was an addict … now that we’re ready [to leave], I am definitely an addict,” she said on camera, confessing to the benefits rehab.

What was her next step then? Now that she was hopefully clean?

“Getting our kids back and getting our lives back together.”

This is where the season ended for June, but the episode also spent time on the custody battle over young Alana.

Her sister, Lauryn, was granted temporary custody at one point, but this angered step-mother Jennifer, who is married to Sugar Bear and who thought she would serve as the better guardian.

“We’re stable and you’re not,” she told Pumpkin. “I’m nothing like your mother, I’m not a crackhead.”

Pumpkin hit back, though, accusing Jennifer of just wanting to cash in on the former child beauty pageant winner:

“We all know the only reason you want Alana is to be Honey boo Boo’s stepmom.”

At this, Alana finally exploded.

“You’re always making decisions on my life and I can never make them for myself,” she said, before breaking down in tears.

“I appreciate you wanting to be in my life, Sugar Bear, but we should just know I want to stay with Pumpkin and that’s the end of the conversation.”

She then screamed:

“[Sugar Bear] never calls me, all he does is text me … I know he’s texting me only if we go to court so it looks good.

“Sugar Bear does not want to be in my life, I can tell you that right now Jennifer!

“Sugar Bear does not want me because I’m not a boy. That man does not want to be in my life, I can tell you.”

Lauryn agreed, saying Sugar Bear is a “piece of sh-t” before driving off with her sister.

“You are too, you’re the biggest piece of sh-t there is!” Jennifer yelled as they sped away.

As far as we know, without any new episodes to update us for awhile, Lauryn still has custody of her sister.

And Mama June still has a long way on her road to recovery.

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