Jungkook's sexy My Time performance at BTS Map Of The Soul ON:E blows fans away

Jungkook did not come to play at BTS’s Map Of The Soul ON:E online concert as he blew fans away with his steamy performance of My Time. 

BTS are hosting two special online concerts across Saturday and Sunday as fans were unable to see them live on tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Jungkook’s name and his song My Time soon began trending on Twitter as he performed the track solo, with fans and ‘locals’ (those that aren’t part of the ARMY) alike fawning over his performance. 

The singer turned up the heat with his black leather trousers and matching embellished jacket, completed with a pair of Cuban heeled boots and a see-through shirt underneath with his hair loose. 

Jungkook began his solo with a sultry dance routine on his own, before being joined by a team of dancers in masks and red jackets. 

Showcasing the talent that makes BTS the global superstars they are, Jungkook managed to pull off a stadium-worthy concert even with the audience watching from home rather than in the venue with him. 

It’s no wonder then that Twitter pretty much had a meltdown once My Time was shown, with fans tweeting: ‘jungkook said ‘no mercy’’and ‘on:e concert jungkook going down to history books’.

Others added: ‘head empty just full of jungkook performing my time’, ‘Ahmmm guys? It’s just JEON JUNGKOOKbut in SEE-THROUGH. SO JUST BREATHE’ and ‘the way jungkook kept making his jacket fall, his moves, when he strutted down the stage and did that dance break…. ‘my time’ live is deadly’. 

‘My Time’ had already racked up over a million tweets while Jungkook’s hashtag was over 800,000 mentions at the time of writing – which is only set to rise. 

Big Hit Entertainment said of the concert: ‘We have prepared never-before-seen stages and various setlists for fans who must have felt disappointed by the cancellation of offline concerts due to Covid-19. 

‘Some songs will also be given variations across the two days. We hope you look forward to BTS Map Of The Soul ON:E.’

Judging by the reaction, Jungkook’s performance is one the fans are going to be talking about for a long time to come.

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