Jussie Smollett Was Previously Sentenced For Providing False Info To Police In A 2007 Case…

As the police investigation into Jussie Smollett‘s alleged attack continues to deepen, more and more info is coming out about that January night itself — as well as the Empire actor’s past.

According to a report in NBC News, the California native previously pleaded no contest to three charges in a 2007 case in Los Angeles: DUI, driving without a license, and providing false information to law enforcement.

In that case, the now 36-year-old was sentenced to two years probation and the choice of fine or jail time, according to a Los Angeles City Attorney’s spokesperson.

Obviously, being charged with providing false information to law enforcement back then is a hell of a head-scratcher, considering Chicago cops are now looking into whether Smollett may have staged his own alleged attack.

Per sources close to the investigation, the city’s police officials have apparently requested that the LAPD provide them with information about that 2007 arrest, too. Wow!

Per that same NBC News article, cops are saying the star “is neither considered a victim nor a suspect,” as they are waiting to hear his side of the story in a second interview — but they ARE shifting the focus of their investigation towards the possibility that a false police report has been filed.

Speaking of that potential second interview… TMZ is reporting on Wednesday morning that Jussie can “stave off” a grand jury investigation if — and only if — he meets with cops again and can somehow convince them the alleged attack was real.

Chicago cops have reportedly sent a call out to his lawyers warning them that if he doesn’t come in ASAP for a second interview to clear things up, the case will definitely go to the grand jury.

TMZ also reports that Smollett may have hired Mark Geragos, a high-profile defense attorney, as his new counsel. If that’s the case, it’s on Geragos to quickly defend him from what seems to be the increasing likelihood of a grand jury.

Not too many great options here!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Is a grand jury inevitable at this point, or will Jussie come forward and re-convince cops of his innocence?

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