Justin Bieber Stopped By Cop Who Though Singer Stole Shoes Because Of Odd ‘Security Tag’

A police officer had one question for Justin Bieber: ‘what are those!’ Biebs revealed that his brand new Nike kicks got stopped because the cop thought Justin stole them!

Virgil [Abloh], my god bro,” Justin Bieber, 25 posted to his Instagram Stories on March 27. The “Sorry” singer revealed he was wearing a pair of Off-White X Nike Air Max 90 sneakers (h/t Just Jared) that came with a special grey accessory looped around the laces.” You – you’re friggin, you’re killing me, man. I just had a cop come up to me and ask me why I still have this security tag on my shoe. What the…I had to tell him bro, ‘it’s just fashion. I don’t know.’ He’s like, ‘it sure looks likes a security tag.’ But you’re getting me in trouble.”

To be fair to the officer, at first glance, the zip-tie woven through the laces (seen here) did look like a security tag at first glance, but this is Justin Bieber. An earlier IG story showed him driving a Ferrari, so it is not like he’s so hard up that he would have to steal a pair of shoes. Though, as the late Young Busco pointed out in his epic 2015 meme (“What Are Those?”) cops are not known for having the most fashionable footwear.

This interaction comes after Justin had a different type of run-in with the law. As Biebs was chilling in his Laguna Beach hotel room on March 26, a party girl came crashing in. The unnamed woman, who had been partying all night before, had been kicked out of the hotel but tried to get back into her room. When she was unable, she walked into Justin’s room. Thankfully, his security quickly intervened, escorting her to the lobby and into the waiting arms of the police. She was arrested for trespassing shortly afterward.

The grief Justin got over his shoes pales in comparison with the hate his wife, Hailey Baldwin, 22, has gotten recently online. One particular hater came for Ms. Bieber, claiming that she “only sleeps with men like [Shawn Mendes, 20] for fame and she’s racist.” While her new husband quickly clapped back at this troll, Hailey took a different route when shutting down her haters. As she stepped out of a pilates class on March 27, she rocked a black and gold hat that read “Bieber” across it. At least she wasn’t wearing a zip-tie on the hat. That would have gotten her in even more trouble.

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