Kailyn Lowry Launches Twitter Rant After Javi Marroquin Accuses Her of ‘Leaking Info’ of His Split

Her tweets receive mixed reactions from her online followers as some call her ‘the immature, petty girl,’ while some others encourage her to come out with the receipts and ‘spill the tea.’

AceShowbiz -Don’t get on Kailyn Lowry. The “Teen Mom 2” star recently took to her Twitter accounto lash out at ex Javi Marroquin who appeared to provoke her with his inquiry regarding his split from fiancee Lauren Comeau.

“@Javimarroquin9 wants to text me asking if I’m leaking the info about him & his girl. Im about to,” Kailyn threatened on Wednesday, August 21. “I could have by now and I have not but if I’m being accused I might as well, right?”

Kailyn Lowry threatened to leak info about Javi Marroquin’s split from Lauren Comeau.

Kailyn later added in a separate tweet that she was apparently involved in Javi and Lauren’s situation way deeper than one might think. Alluding that she was asked to come when the former couple had an intense verbal altercation, she wrote, “First they call you to the scene to be a solution… but now you must be the problem.”

Kailyn hinted that he asked her for help amid the drama.

Her tweets received mixed reactions from her followers. “You will always be the immature, petty girl. Always. Just because someone accuses you doesn’t give you the right to leak things about someone’s personal life,” one critic said. Another one added, “Javi (for the most part) has done a very good job of keeping this out of the media. Why are you doing this? You literally just did a article a few days ago saying your staying out of it. Keep doing that.”

However, some others were only there for tea so they encouraged her to come out with her receipts. “Girl yes spill the tea,” one follower replied. “We want to tell you to stay out of it… but we also wanna hear eeeeeeeeverything,” another person said alongside a GIF saying “Spill the tea.”

Javi and Lauren, who got engaged in June, allegedly went separate ways following a massive fight over the weekend while their friends were over at their house for a get-together. A source further revealed to the site that the argument took took a turn to the worst that police were reportedly called to their home.

“They fight constantly, but this one was really bad,” the source went on telling The Ashley of the alleged former couple, who got engaged in June after the gym owner popped the question to her in her hometown of Maine. “Something major went down.”

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