Kailyn Lowry: Off the Legal Hook After Allegedly Slugging Chris Lopez

As Teen Mom fans across the nation know all too well, Kailyn Lowry has been railed on at least two occasions by Chris Lopez.

In a sexual sense, we mean.

Hence the former couple’s pair of kids.

But Lowry was also accused last year of railing against her multiple-time baby daddy with her fists… after Lopez gave son Lux a haircut without his mom’s permission.

Back on September 26, Lowry was arrested after an alleged altercation with Lopez.

She reportedly punched Chris multiple times because he gave their three-year old a haircut with kitchen shears, taking his locks all the way from waist-length to shoulder-length — and he did so without asking Lowry first.

According to the police report at the time, Kailyn was taken into custody for “offensive touching,” which led to quite a few jokes.

We mean, one could argue that any sort of touching of Chris Lopez is “offensive,” you know?

But anyway.

Via a Waiver of Arraignment in late January, Lowry pleaded not guilty to this assault charge — and we can now confirm she will not suffer any legal consequences for the confrontation.

She was neverr officially charged and Lopez says he will not press any charges.

Based on Delaware court papers, Lowry and Lopez got into a heated argument during a custody exchange of Lux on September 4, 2020.

“Christopher advised that on 9/04/2020… he was struck by his ex-girlfriend, Kailyn Lowry, several times with a closed fist,” reads the official report.

“Christopher stated that Kailyn and his mother had arranged to have a custodial swap for Lux Lowry at his residence.”

However, Lowry did share a photo of Lux’s shortened locks shortly after picking the toddler up in September, saying at the time that she was stuck co-parenting with a narcissist.

She also said Lopez pulled this maneuver as a means of getting back at her, or one-upping her.

As some kind of “control tactic,” accorrding to Kailyn’s social media recounting at the time.

Lowry made it very clear in this rant that she was pissed at Lopez.

“I’m just at a place where it’s like, OK, you can f-ck with me all you want, you can choke me, you can put your hands on me,” wrote Kailyn back then.

“You can burn my book on social media, you can cheat on me, do whatever you want, right?”

“But the second you do something to my child…

“I’m gonna come out of character because you’re using the child as a manipulation tool.”

Kailyn continued trashing Lopez for being a deadbeat parent.

“Like, you literally see your kid once a week for a couple of hours a day if that, so you kind of don’t have that right to cut their hair when you’re not really a parent,” she wrote.

“You’re like a f-king distant cousin.

“You’re literally a distant cousin, you’re not even a father.”

Kailyn and Chris, of course, have had quite a contentious relationship for years now — while also trying to co-parent two young kids.

The MTV personality previously had a protective order against Chris, barring him from contacting her. But this order has since expired.

What does the future hold for the occasional lovers?

Thankfully, not another attempt at romance, Lopez recently vowed.

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