Kate Middleton Needs Time to Warm Up to Meghan Markle, But No Bad Blood

It has been reported that there are some tension brewing between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. A new report, however, denies the feud between the young British royals, further giving insight into their alleged relationship.

“There is no fighting going on between Kate and Meghan,” a source insists to Us Weekly. The source went on noting that the Duchess of Cambrigde is British, thus she’s high likely more reserved than Los Angeles-born Meghan.

“Kate is lovely. She’s British, she’s reserved. You have to break through that armor. She doesn’t warm up to people too quickly,” says the source. “It takes some time for her to become comfortable and trusting for anyone in the outside world.”

Adjustment is not only something that Kate needs but also the Duchess of Sussex, who married Prince Harry in May. “It took some adjusting for Meghan to get used to the protocols of the palace and the royal family,” the source continues saying of the former “Suits” alum.

“That can’t be easy for anyone to get used to, especially a woman who had all the independence in the world just one year ago,” the source adds.

“The ‘feud’ is definitely being played up. Are they the best of friends? No. Do they speak every waking second? No. Do they hate each other? Absolutely not,” another insider reveals. “They are two women under serious amounts of pressure, stress and under a huge spotlight that no one can relate to — they will always have a bond that no one can break.”

Prior to this, the wife of Prince William allegedly snapped at Meghan for peaking harshly at one of her royal staff members. A royal source claimed that the clash happened before the May nuptials. Kate allegedly told the Duchess of Sussex, “That’s unacceptable, they’re my staff and I speak to them.”

Kensington Palace previously broke its silence on the rumors, insisting that “this never happened.”

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