Kate Moss admits booze and drug-fuelled past – but insists she never did heroin

Supermodel Kate Moss was spotted in New York over the weekend with her daughter, Lila Grace,16, after quitting the drink 18 months ago.

She lived a non-stop partying lifestyle with a string of equally hard-partying boyfriends, including Johnny Depp, Jefferson Hack, Jamie Hince, and heroin addict and Libertine frontman Pete Doherty. 

After a video was also leaked of her snorting coke with Pete back in 2005, Kate lost a string of sponsorship deals over the scandal.

After doing stints in The Priory rehab clinic, it has been a rollercoaster of a ride for Moss who continued to hit the bottle.

Her continued romance with Doherty obviously didn't help matters – but Kate now insists she "never did heroin".

"I've been described a lot. The horrible things, I disregard. Like, 'Kate's a smackhead'. There was a T-shirt that said that. I was p**sed off because I never did heroin. I just thought, 'F**king hell, I might as well!'" she told the Sun.

She now looks fresh-faced and is determined to continue on the right path.

"I don't want to go back to how I was drinking. It wasn't a healthy pattern. I was in denial," she went on.

"I could have carried on drinking but was beginning to not be very happy. It stops working after a while. A bit messy."

Kate confesses that she loved drinking and never wanted to be in a position where she couldn't have one, which now is the case for her.

"I always said I was never going to go for it in a major way because I never wanted to go into rehab. but I couldn't keep myself in check any more. It got out of control."

"I don't think alcohol can make you happy. I couldn't think properly because I was always hungover."

Moss was the highest paid British model and appeared on the cover of Vogue 10 times. 

Today, Kate is worth £62million — "I make lots of money because I'm beautiful on the outside" — and has been with British aristocrat Nikolai Von Bismarck for almost four years.

Her 36-hour benders have now been replaced by yoga and smoothies and spending quality time with her daughter.

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