Katherine McNamara Reveals How She Found Out She Was Cast as Clary in ‘Shadowhunters’

Katherine McNamara is spilled the real story behind her being cast as Clary Fray in Shadowhunters.

In a new interview with AfterBuzzTV, the 23-year-old actress revealed that she won the role last minute.

“As they were casting Shadowhunters, because the fanbase already existed from the book series, they were tweeting it out, and they were sort of making it a thing for the fans to get people excited. And so, they, they said that they would be announcing Clary in two hours on, on their Twitter account, and I still hadn’t heard anything,” Katherine says.

She continues, “I knew it was between me and one other actress and I went, ‘oh, well I guess it’s not me then because I didn’t hear anything and aw, I guess I’ll move on.’ And I was really gutted because I’d fought really hard through several rounds and it had been almost six months of casting and you get attached by that point, you know? And Dom [Sherwood] and I were friends beforehand so knowing that he was in the project I really wanted to work with a friend and all this.”

When she shared that she didn’t know until the last minute, she really didn’t know and the excitement was getting to her as well.

“I get a call about ten minutes later from my manager saying, ‘Hey, they haven’t said anything to anyone yet. Hold on. Just hang tight.’ So I’m going, ‘Huh?’ and I’m watching Twitter as ‘who is Clary?’ is trending and all of these things are happening, things are exploding, speculation is going left, right, and center, and it, it’s almost down to the wire and I get a phone call 10 minutes before the two hours is up and then they tell me.”

Katherine found out she got the part just 10 minutes before they announced it on Twitter.

It was They go, ‘Congratulations, you are playing Clary. It’s gonna go live on Twitter in ten minutes. You know, here we go. Get ready.’ And I, I sort, I’m speechless. I’m kind of catatonic in a sense because, it hits me that in ten minutes this fandom that is so passionate and is going crazy; they’re all going to know that it’s me, And I’m just praying that they approve and that they like me.”

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