Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Look the Happiest We've Ever Seen Them

The “never have I ever” to end your inappropriate office party drinking game?: Never have I ever seen a more joyful pair of celebrity sweethearts than Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. BOOM.

Seriously, we know that keeping their relationship private (ha ha) is the most important thing in the world to the both of them, especially Jamie (*tears off headset at mention of Katie*), but they’re really depriving the masses. There’s not a whole lot to smile about these days, so a public unveiling of Kamie would really make our year.

Anyway, Holmes and Foxx have taken their romance down south in the past few months — they were spotted canoodling in Georgia in September, and now Louisiana’s finest: New Orleans.

The pair (regrettably, we’re sure) were photographed laughing while on a stroll through the city (read: a barren parking lot) on Sunday. Holmes, who celebrates her 40th birthday later this month, bundled up in a camel scarf, navy tee, black flats, and light-wash Mother capris with zippers trailing down the front of each leg. Foxx, who turns 51 just five days ahead of Holmes’s milestone, kept his look casual yet sleek in a navy crewneck sweater, matching pants, and impressively white sneakers.


Don’t you wish you were in on Katie and Jamie’s joke?

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