Keira Knightly hits back at critics as with scathing response

She was told her face was “disgusting”, her body “should come with a health warning” and her mouth looked like a bangle.

Keira Knightley felt she was “crumbling” under a barrage of criticism that came when she got poor reviews for her performance in Pirates of the Caribbean with Orlando Bloom.

It happened a year after she had earned an Oscar nomination for Pride and Prejudice in 2005.

Keira, 33, says: “It was a really funny time where I had these films that were Oscar nominated and seemed great, but then on the other side there were films that were commercially successful, but I was seen as being s***.”

The actress lists a string of hurtful insults about her appearance, including that one about her mouth looking like a bangle.

Keira says: “All that you want to do is please everybody – but of course, you can’t.

“I mean, you can’t be thinner and fatter at the same time.”

The actress spoke about her career at BAFTA, adding that she was relieved to not topple over while curtseying to Prince Charles as she collected an OBE at Buckingham Palace last week. But she did trip up when she actually spoke to HRH.

Cringing, she confesses: “He asked me what film I’m working on now and I forgot.”

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