Kelly Dodd Flaunts Mask-Free Bridal Shower: I’m a Proud Covidiot!

Kelly Dodd will marry Rick Leventhal in just a few days, so she’s clearly working overtime to attract negative attention.

She decided that her bridal shower theme would be “super-spreader event,” flaunting maskless photos … and mocking Black Lives Matter.

Kelly’s invites for her bridal shower probably didn’t say “we’re having a viral potluck, bring whatever you’ve got and share!”

Probably. Masque of the Red Death reenactments like the Rose Garden Massacre rarely advertise themselves as such.

Nonetheless, from the photos of guests, huddled together outdoors or packed together indoors, everyone appears to have gotten the message.

In photo after photo after photo — we are only showing you a modest sampling — Kelly Dodd rubbed her plague party in fans’ faces.

“What an amazing bridal shower!!” she captioned the photos of herself with at least 15 other women.

“Thank you @jodishamaley @samantha_gesuale @jacquelinelee1234 for throwing me the most amazing shower,” Kelly raved. “[Love] u guys.”

As you can see, she even roped fellow Housewives Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson into pointlessly endangering themselves and their families to satisfy her ego.

While some of the party was clearly outdoors, going indoors and sharing the same air in an enclosed space is so dangerous for viral transmission.

And even outdoors, unless the wind speed was so intense that none of them could even breathe, we all know that they were likely sharing the same air while being packed so close together.

The clownery did not end there, as Kelly posted this photo as if to somehow defend herself against the very correct criticisms being heaped upon her.

First of all, they are all wearing the same kinds of masks, as if they were passed out for this photo op that Kelly, in her wildest dreams, somehow imagined would silence critics.

Wearing masks for a photo doesn’t do anything. It’s not a vaccine. You need to arrive in a mask and keep it on the literal entire time in order to reduce the risk of viral transmission.

None of which matters to Kelly, of course, because she has made it abundantly clear this year that she does not care about other people — or that, if she does care, she doesn’t choose to act like it.

Time after time, she has gone maskless, mocked the COVID-19 death toll, spread lies and misinformation. She even called the virus “God’s way of thinning the herd.” Just … evil stuff.

Some have suggested that Kelly is merely stupid, but we don’t think so. She’s a smart woman. She has simply chosen to be a bad person.

Her spite is not limited to the COVID-19 pandemic, by the way.

Kelly was sure to include a photo of her wearing this vile hat — reading “Drunk Wives Matter” — along with her other bridal shower pics.

The hat is clearly intended to mock the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Sadly, that is no surprise. Back in June, Kelly’s response to the historic civil rights protests was to call them “terrorism in America.”

That may have resonated with people who watch her soon-to-be husband on Fox News, but it did not reflect reality.

All year long, Kelly had dug in her heels amidst criticism over her lies, dangerous misinformation, and appalling comments … you can more or less summarize her response with this legendary tweet:

In September, Kelly shared a misinformation video in which an alleged doctor spread blatant falsehoods, claiming that masks do not help reduce the spread of the virus.

As a result, Twitter temporarily limited her account’s functions, citing that she had spread false information.

There are rumors that Bravo is using editing to reduce Kelly’s role in this season as a response to her childish and spiteful misbehavior, but we wouldn’t hold our breath. Bravo may hope that the controversy will drive ratings.

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