Kid Rock Followed Tyler Perry's Lead And Paid Off Walmart Layaways

Beavis and Butthead’s crackhead Uncle Kid Rock has pulled a Tyler Perry and paid off all of the layaways at his local Nashville Walmart. I don’t know why I’m getting skinny Cousin Eddie emptying out his “shitter” into Clark Griswold’s storm water drain vibes from this story, but hey, it’s all in the spirit of Christmas.

According to TMZ, Kid was inspired to do this selfless (sure), charitable act by Good Samaritan Tyler Perry, who cleared the layaway bills at two Atlanta area Walmarts to the tune of $434,000. That’s a lot of protein powder and Foreman Grills. Kid himself spent $81,000 to wipe the tab at his local Nashville Walmart. Unlike Tyler, who had wished to remain anonymous until he was outed, Kid was quick to name check Tyler while giving himself a little pat on the back:

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