Kim Kardashian Accused of ‘Black Facing’ in New Magazine Cover

The wife of Kanye West is accused of disrespecting black community for pretending to be a black woman by making her complexion look much darker that her original skin tone.

AceShowbizKim Kardashian took a lot of heat with her new magazine cover. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star was accused of “black-facing” as she posed for 7Hollywood magazine with dark complexion that made her look like a black woman at first glance.

“Is it me or does she look black,” one commented. Another penned, “Why does she look like a black woman here? Embrace you’re own culture sis! You’re pretty but c’mon.” Meanwhile, a different individual dissed the magazine, “Editor gave Kim K 3 completely different skin tones in 3 pics but forgot to add hers.”

The wife of Kanye West was accused of disrespecting black community. One person called it “lowkey black face.” Another added, “This has to stop I didn’t even know who is was at this point they are black facing.” One more similar comment read, “Why are we promoting black face? Clown.”

Some people even called her a Beyonce Knowles wannabe. “What in the brown skin Beyonce wanna be is going on here?!” one person exclaimed. Instead of having a fake Queen Bey, they should just get the real one, another said. The commenter criticized the art director Manfred Thierry Mugler, “Why couldn’t you just ask @Beyonce because clearly you just tried to clone her into Beyonce!”

More similar criticisms flooded social media, “She want that melanin bad AF. Thank you, Next,” “Something isn’t white about this picture,” “I don’t bother myself often about culture appropriation but this got me tight kim,” “so…I think her dream in life is to be black?” and “Y’all are sick for this. She is not a black woman.”

Neither Kim nor the magazine responded to the backlash.

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