Kim Kardashian Found a Live Lobster Outside Her House

All I’ve been thinking about for the past few days is the coronavirus. And while we all need to take the necessary precautions to stay safe, we also need some levity. For today, that levity comes in the form of Kim Kardashian West finding a live lobster outside her house.

Why was a lobster outside Kim Kardashian West’s house, you ask? Who knows. How did it get there? Again, who knows. All I know is the reality star’s tweet about finding the crustacean crawling on her street was a welcome reprieve from the pandemic talk on my timeline.

“Just confused how a lobster is walking on my street in Calabasas! What is happening?!?!?!” Kardashian West tweeted on Monday night, March 16.

Immediately after reading this, for about 30 seconds I forgot about the Contagion-like world we’re currently living in. I was transported to a simpler time—a time when the biggest news of the day was some wacky Kardashian-Jenner anecdote. Remember Kendall Jenner’s not knowing what a nap was? Or Kim’s sinks? Or Kim’s refrigerator? Or Kim’s playroom? What I’d do to go back to when my entire life was soundtracked by Kris Jenner’s tipsy karaoke.

But 30 seconds is better than nothing, I suppose. Check out the mysterious lobster for yourself, below.

As if this story couldn’t get any better, someone made a Twitter account for the lobster, and it already has over 3,000 followers. “Taking a stroll,” reads its first tweet. Another one says, “WTF I think I just passed Kim K.’s house.” Just delightful.

“Y’all are quick to assume my species. Maybe I look like a ‘crawfish,’ but I am a proud LOBSTER,” my favorite tweet of the bunch reads. Yes, you are, @calabasalobster. Thank you for bringing a little ray of light to my day. Time to go listen to “Under the Sea” on loop.

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