Kim Kardashian Mocks Kris Jenner For Seriously ‘Milking’ Her ‘Thank U, Next’ Music Video Cameo

Kris Jenner’s still basking in the glow of her ‘Thank U, Next’ appearance. So says her daughter Kim Kardashian who can’t stop teasing her about it.

Kris Jenner, 63, seems to have a new catchphrase. Kim Kardashian says that her momager mother just can’t stop saying, “thank you, next.” Five days after Ariana Grande’s popular new music video dropped featuring the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Kris keeps on peppering her conversation with the phrase, which is the name of Ariana’s hit song. On Dec. 5, Kim, 38, tweeted, “I’m in a huge meeting and my mom just said ‘thank you, next’ to everyone. She’s really milking this guys 😂”

Kim’s fans loved her tweet, which they thought was hilarious. Retweeting a gif of Kris saying, “Thank you next, bitch,” one fan wrote, “Kris Jenner is such an icon I swear lol.” Another person added, “How many times has she played the video though?!” Yet another fan added, “Did u expect anythn [sic] else from Kris Jenner?”

In the “Thank U, Next” video Kris plays the ultimate momager, recreating the Mean Girls role of Mrs. George, made famous by Amy Poehler in the 2004 hit movie. Hours after the video was released Kim shared a clip on her Instagram stories of her mom making them watch her cameo while they were sitting having dinner. “You guys, this is what she makes us watch, over and over and over again,” Kim said.

Jokes aside, Kim is clearly very proud of her mother’s performance. “She was definitely meant for that role,” Kim told Refinery29 on Dec. 3. “I was actually on FaceTime with [Ariana’s manager] Scooter Braun when they were shooting that scene. So I was watching it in real time, and I was literally crying. I was like, crying watching her.” Kim also revealed that her mom was nervous before filming the cameo, which involved dancing and videotaping Ariana and her co-stars during a high school performance. Kim added, “I talked to her right after and just told her that was the most amazing thing ever.”

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