KJ Apa Hints At Romance With [SPOILER] For Archie in Upcoming ‘Riverdale’ Episodes

So, we all know that Archie and Veronica just split up (RIP Varchie…for now) on Riverdale – and Veronica might be moving on to Reggie. But what about Archie?

According to KJ Apa, he’s hinting that Archie might start up something with Josie!

While speaking to Syfy Wire, KJ shared that at the end of his downward spiral, he’s “saved by a person and by music.”

A person…and music. Only one person truly fits that bill on the show right now and that’s Josie, played by Ashleigh Murray.

She shared earlier that “there are things coming up for Josie’s love life…we’re only just now kind of broaching that, but there’s definitely going to be some tangible lovey-ness happening this year.”

While their quotes aren’t definite and really we can’t take this for gospel, fans did pick up on how Ashleigh and KJ were the only ones on set earlier this month when writer Britta Lundin tweeted about a scantily clad bedroom scene happening in episode 12.

See what the fans are saying about Archie and Josie below:

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