Lana Condor Says Her ‘X-Men’ Role Prepared Her For ‘Deadly Class’

Lana Condor has to thank her role in X-Men: Apocalypse a lot for preparing her for Deadly Class.

Talking with EW, the 21-year-old explained that her part as Jubilee helped her in “knowledge of what it’s like to work on a project that already has a pre-existing source material and a fan base.”

Lana adds, “Because of X-Men, I was able to understand [that] because the fans are the most important part I have to be true to this character, [and] we have to be true to this story as much as possible because that really makes a difference to the fans.”

“It’s kind of the same-ish story where there’s a group of kids that have a special kind of ability, or a special skill-set,” Lana continued. “The difference is that Kings Dominion is just way darker than the mansion that we go to in X-Men.”

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