Lana Del Rey at Malahide Castle: 'I really love the storytelling in Irish songs'

Even though Lana Del Rey’s gig in Malahide Castle last night may have failed to sell out, the singer fit right in under summery skies and a sea of loving fans.

George Ezra and Lana Del Rey dominated Dublin this summer solstice weekend, with fans trekking out to the north Dublin venue to see Ezra on Friday, and again last night, to see Del Rey.

The Video Games singer took to the stage for just under 20,000 fans, three years after her last Irish gig at Electric Picnic in 2016.

Dressed in an all-white ensemble of cotton dress and leather ankle boots, the singer boasted her famous winged eyeliner and brown hair in her trademark beehive.

As Ezra performed at the castle the previous night, Del Rey celebrated her 34 birthday.

“I’m so happy to be here on my birthday,” she told screaming fans, their average age barely grazing 20.

While the audience may have been young, it was her earlier songs that everyone seemed to know the lyrics to – National Anthem, Off to the Races and her claim to fame, Video Games, despite being from her debut album, did extremely well as the crowd sang and swayed to the bass.

However, her newer hits, namely Cherry, White Mustang and Venice B*tch, were also a hit with the crowd, who seemed to adore her every move as she chatted briefly in between songs, thanking the audience over and over again.

The more melancholy, sadder tracks from Ultraviolence didn’t seem to be in line with the crowd, as Pretty When You Cry and Old Money almost seemed to be too slow and too sad to resonate at the outdoor venue.

“I was listening to Irish music as I was getting dressed this morning,” she tells the crowd.

“I really love the storytelling in Irish songs.”

While eyebrows were raised about the choice of venue for the gig, as an outdoor setting that seems to be an unusual decision for the intimate nature of her songs, it made sense in the end.

Temperatures dropped as the sun slowly set and created an almost bittersweet, end of summer atmosphere, which fitted perfectly with her lyrics of hot, long summers, heartbreak and love.

Even though her audience may be young, the singer shared the same youthfulness – many times throughout the set, she made her way off the stage to take photos and collect presents.

She even put on a pair of heart shaped sunglasses that are referenced in many of her lyrics, matching many of the onlookers.

Del Rey fits right in with the new wave of indie pop singers that are now high in demand with younger fans, like Billie Eilish and Lorde.

This is represented perfectly by her fans waving not CDs in her face for a coveted signature, but vinyl records.

Her supporters remain the focus of the concert and to her fans’ delight, she announced that her next album, Norman F*cking Rockwell, will be released in two months, two years after her last record, Lust for Life.

As if that isn’t enough, as she closes the set with the full version of ‘Venice B*tch’, a nine minute long track, instead of a goodbye to the crowd she heads down off the stage again and spends the entire song signing autographs and taking pictures.

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