Latto Hits Back at Trolls Calling Her ‘Ugly’

That aside, the 22-year-old femcee receives love for her Halloween post, in which she dresses up as Mariah Carey and Naomi Campbell as she recreates their iconic looks.

AceShowbiz -Latto (Mulatto) has so much to say to haters who mocked her appearance. The 22-year-old femcee launched a Twitter ran to clap back at those people for calling her “ugly”.

While the raptress quickly deleted her angry tweets, she wasn’t quick enough that people had a change to take screenshots of them. “N***s be on Twitter calling me ugly but asking if they can eat my p***y from the back in real life.. aww,” so she tweeted.

She went to say, “Yo UGLY A** could never get near me anyways I sit on the same rich smooth long pretty d**k every night tf.” In another post, she added, “All that Twitter hate be cap af I get soooo much love in real life n***as is ROCKInG shows ON GOD.”

The “Big Energy” artist continued, “y’all got the white women ‘Big Latto’ jokes tho them be funny.” The Ohio native also took time to defend her rap skills as she retweeted a snippet of her recently released “L.A. Leakers Freestyle” track. “N***as still saying I ‘can’t rap’ after this & XXL.”

Fans came into her defense after learning of her deleted tweets. “She get so much uncalled for hate! For nothing! She’s super unproblematic! Leave her alone!!!!!!” one fan demanded. Another person noted, “She haven’t been bothering nobody.”

“Now who done called this Chile ugly! She is Beautiful & can RAP RAP,” another user commented. However, one person insinuated that Latto should have ignored the hate comments, saying, “Some people really get 1000 compliments a day and never reply to them but respond to negativity.”

That aside, Latto received love for her Halloween post, in which she dressed up as Mariah Carey and Naomi Campbell as she recreated their looks. The “B***h From Da Souf” raptress also channeled her inner Faith Evans as she paid homage to her and Notorious B.I.G.‘s cover for Vibe magazine.

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