Lena Headey: ‘Gonna make me cry’ Game of Thrones’ Cersei Lannister on huge change

Lena Headey, 45, has played Cersei Lannister since Game of Thrones first it screens in 2011.

And the actress admitted starring as the conniving Queen of the Seven Kingdoms has been “brilliant”.

In a video posted to Game of Thrones’ YouTube account recalling her time on the show, Lena spilled: “It’s been absolutely life changing to take a character through eight years of evolution.”

“It’s just been brilliant, I’m incredibly grateful,” she said.

It’s just been brilliant, I’m incredibly grateful

Lena Headey

Thinking back to the very first episode, Lena went on: “I remember very clearly the pilot.

“We shot in Scotland and I was like this could just be a pilot, another job which doesn’t go anywhere, but you make the most of it.”

Lena became emotional and welled up as she spoke about working with her co-stars over the past decade.

“So many people I haven’t had the chance to work with,” she said. “But Pete [Dinklage] and Nikolaj [Coster-Waldau] I love working with them and Charles Dance, Jack Gleeson and Conleth [Hill].” 

Getting teary, the Game of Thrones star continued: “I love working with them, they’re kind of my nucleus.”

“I have loved every minute with each of them,” she said, before adding: “It’s gonna make me cry.”

Meanwhile, Sophie, who married Joe Jonas on Wednesday in a surprise Las Vegas ceremony, also spoke about her favourite moments in a video looking back over the years.

She divulged: “My favourite day on set would be the day that I was reunited with Maisie.

“We shot that reunion and it was the funniest and most difficult day of shooting ever because we couldn’t keep it together.”

Sophie also said the death of her on-screen father, Ned Stark (Seann Benn), was the most shocking.

The Stark patriarch was beheaded on the orders of King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) at the end of season one, in a move viewers never saw coming.

The star said: “[It was the] shocking scene I didn’t see coming.

“From then on, I started to distrust the show to whether they would kill my favourite character or not.”

The British actress continued: “My favourite scene to watch is the Battle of the Bastards and Jon [Snow] fighting.

Elsewhere, Game of Thrones episode four, season air is set to show the battle move South after the North defeated the Night King and the White Walkers.

Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke) can be seen cheering to the impending war against Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) and says: “We will rip her out root and stone.”

Game of Thrones episode four, season eight will air on HBO at 9pm Sunday and will be simulcast in the UK at 2am Monday and at 9pm.

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