“Liam Neeson, who is almost 70, will eventually stop doing action movies” links

Liam Neeson turns 70 years old this year and he’s still doing action movies. He says he’ll probably stop doing action at some point, but not now. [Just Jared]
Julia Roberts & Keifer Sutherland were the proto-Bennifer. [Go Fug Yourself]
Henny Penny infiltrated the Pentagon, thanks Joe Biden!! [Dlisted]
Knives Out 2: it’s coming! [LaineyGossip]
What we weren’t taught about the assasination of Medgar Evers. [Buzzfeed]
I wish there was a Baskin Robbins in my town, I would love to try this new Valentine’s Day flavor, Secret Admirer. [Seriously OMG]
Oof, this dress looks so bad on Jennifer Lopez!! [RCFA]
The Trojan Horse Affair is a very good podcast! [Pajiba]
I was wrong about Succession as well, it is very good, and yes, the show had a subplot which seemed to be related to Gawker. [Gawker]
I would imagine these changes would be super-popular with all Catholics, not just bishops in Germany, but what do I know. [Towleroad]

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