Lily Allen ‘dedicates song F**k You to Liam Neeson’ after accusing him of lying

Lily Allen reportedly dedicated her song F**k You to Liam Neeson amid the actor’s racism storm.

The Taken star, 66, is facing backlash after telling a journalist he once walked the streets looking for a "black b*****d" to kill after finding out his friend had been raped by a black man while he was away.

And in response, it’s said that Lily dedicated her song to him during her No Shame Tour in Sydney last night.

According to the Daily Mail , Lily told the crowd: "Normally, I dedicate this song to Donald Trump, but tonight I’m dedicating it to Liam Neeson."

The song includes the lyrics: "You’re just some racist who can’t tie my laces. Your point of view is medieval."

Her fans took to Twitter to praise her for the dedication.

One said: "lily allen dedicated f**k you to liam neeson tonight which cements the fact that good! things! still! happen!"

Another posted: "Tonight Lily Allen dedicated ‘F**k You’ to that racist ass hat Liam Neeson. Drag him, Sheezus"

It comes after she accused the actor of lying about the whole thing.

She wrote on her Instagram story: "I don’t believe Liam Neesons racist anecdote, which makes it even more disgusting.

"I don’t know a woman who hasn’t been harassed and I have NEVER heard of an instance where a man has actually gone out to defend her honor. It just doesn’t happen."

Liam was asked to clarify his comments yesterday when he appeared on Good Morning America.

He insisted he’s not racist despite admitting that he wanted to kill a black person.

"I remembered an incident a few years ago where my friend was brutally raped," he said.

"She handled the situation incredibly bravely and I had never felt this feeling before – it was a primal urge to lash out."

Liam continued: "After that there were some nights where I went deliberately out to black areas deliberately to be set upon so I could unleash physical violence and I did it four or five times."

He described it as a "primal urge" which "shocked him" and said that he sought help from a priest and by "power-walking" two hours a day.

But he insisted: "I’m not racist – it was almost 40 years ago… I was brought up in Northern Ireland, The Troubles. There was a war going on [and I] had acquaintances involved… I grew up surrounded by that but I was never a part of it."

Lily’s representatives did not want to comment when contacted by Mirror Online.

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