Lord Alan Sugar hits back at 'trolls' amid backlash over Ian Wright tweet

Lord Alan Sugar told ‘trolls’ to ‘shut the f**k up’ and ‘go to hell’ as he responded to the backlash over his tweet about Ian Wright.

The Apprentice host was met with a wave of fury as he made a dig at the former footballer’s suit, while watching the FA Cup final clash between Arsenal and Chelsea.

Taking to Twitter, the 73-year-old shared: ‘That is one hell of a suit @IanWright0 has on. 

‘A bit too dark don’t you think. He could be in camouflage on a beach.’

However, after some followers responded, informing him that the post sounded racist, he hit back.

‘Why don’t the trolls shut the f… up. I am having a laugh with my mate @IanWright0 with his bright suit,’ the businessman fumed.

‘The scum bags want to cause trouble and turn everything into racism. They make me sick. 

‘Go to hell.’

Lord Sugar was condemned for his original tweet over the Arsenal legend’s suit, with many calling him out for his ‘misjudged’ words.

‘This is wrong Sir Alan on so many levels,’ a Twitter user replied, while another shocked follower agreed:  ‘Have you honestly said this….. Jesus wept’. 

‘This is incredibly misjudged. And if I’m honest, it’s out of order. I used to look up to you,’ an unimpressed fan added.

However, some of the BBC star’s fans attempted to explain the ‘joke’ with screenshots of Ian’s suit, insisting that Lord Sugar meant the outfit would camouflage with the beach.

As others said he could have worded the message ‘a lot better’.

Ian has yet to publicly address the post.

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