Lorraine Kelly corrects CNN reporter over COP26 conference location confusion

COP26: Joe Biden arrives in Glasgow for climate summit

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Lorraine Kelly, 61, was quick to correct a CNN reporter who had flown over the for the COP26 conference, after it appeared he had got the location of the meeting wrong. The all-important 26th Climate Change Conference is being held in Glasgow in Scotland between 31 October and 12 November 2021, and being a Scot herself, it was even more important for the presenter to point out what she believed to be an awkward geographical error.

It’s in Glasgow pal

Lorraine Kelly

Wolf Blitzer, who came under fire from others on Twitter for the same reason, announced that he is reporting from Edinburgh.

The senior anchor was set up in a temporary broadcast studio, in front of Edinburgh Castle.

Posting a snap of him with the stunning view behind, his phrasing left some wondering whether the had made a mistake as to where the meeting was being held.

It was open to interpretation how readers took it but to Lorraine, it seemed as though he had confused the two major cities.

Wolf had penned: “I’m now reporting from Edinburgh in Scotland where 20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered for the COP26 Climate Summit.

“COP, by the way, stands for ‘Conference of the Parties.’

“It’s the 26th time they have gathered to discuss and take action on this critical issue.”

The TV star quickly corrected the reporter, replying: “It’s in Glasgow pal.”

Taking to the comments section, some agreed with the queen of daytime telly, with one saying: “FFS what hope do we have doesn’t know where the most important climate conference is being held.”

Another giggled: “To be fair he managed to remember it’s in Scartland.”(sic)

A third laughed: “You are in the wrong city lol.”(sic)

“Extreme social distancing???” A fourth joked.

While a sixth commented: “Never has there been a more passive aggressive ‘Pal’!”

Others however, believed Lorraine had taken it the wrong way, as one reasoned: “He‘s correct in saying he’s reporting from Edinburgh though. That’s Edinburgh castle behind him. They can’t fit everyone in Glasgow so Edinburgh is being used as a satellite venue.”

A second agreed: “He is right he is reporting from Edinburgh… that’s not saying where the Conference is lassie!”

“Airforce 1 is in Edinburgh. Maybe it’s why he’s there. Not everything is going on in Glasgow Lorraine… Many world leaders landed at both Glasgow, Edinburgh. Some air raft been and gone. Also into Manchester and Stansted,” explained someone else.

He wasn’t the only American journalist to confuse Scotland’s two biggest cities.

Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason also revealed that President Biden had “arrived in Glasgow”, but it was in fact Edinburgh.

He shared a picture of Biden emerging from the steps of Airforce One at Edinburgh Airport.

The official Twitter account for the airport also waded in with a correction, saying: “Jeff, you have no idea what you’ve done…Welcome to Edinburgh, and Scotland!”

Mr Mason then published a correction himself, penning: “Correction: arrived in Edinburgh. The president is motorcading now to Glasgow.”

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