Love Island fans tickled as they finally see ‘jaw dropping chat’ between Kaz and Brad

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Love Island fans were left tickled after finally they saw the private chat on the balcony between Brad McClelland and Kaz Kamwi.

The pair were seen having a conversation on the episode which aired on Tuesday 29 June. But viewers were left furious after the cameras quickly panned away as a text came through and the islanders were beckoned to the fire pit.

However ITV's spin-off show, Unseen Bits, aired the clip on Saturday 3 July – but Love Island fans were left in hysterics after it was finally revealed what was said between the pair.

Narrator Iain Stirling introduced the scene, adding: "Here is that jaw-dropping chat in all it's glory."

The footage saw Brad, 25, struggling to form his sentences as he attempted to describe to Kaz, 26, how he felt towards fellow islander, Faye Winter, 26, who he was coupled up with at the time.

"At the minute, like, so, obviously, I want to, and that, so, for me at the minute, it's like, I was like,' Brad muttered to Kaz on the balcony.

However the chat was swiftly cut short as a fellow islander received a message, with Iain adding: "I think that text did you a favour Kaz."

Fans took to Twitter to describe how they were "in bits" over the clip of Brad and Kaz in what was meant to be a "jaw-dropping" scene.

One wrote: "Thank you Unseen Bits, for clearing up that absolutely nothing was said between Kaz and Brad when that text came through."

Another added: "I'm watching Love Island Unseen Bits and they showed the clip with Kaz and Brad. Guys… I'm in bits!"

"I’m watching unseen bits man and I was bare excited to see what Brad and Kaz was talking about only to find out he couldn’t even form a proper sentence," a third said.

A fourth penned: "I've just seen a clip from last night's Unseen Bits. So it turns out that Brad and Kaz's secret chat was Brad "trying" to string a sentence together."

It comes after viewers were left in shock on Wednesday night when Brad locked lips with new arrival Chloe Burrows and admitted Faye Winter was bottom of his list.

During a game of beer pong following the shock dumping of Shannon Singh, Brad was dared to kiss the Islanders he fancied the most and least.

Brad quickly headed over to Chloe to enjoy a snog as an unimpressed Faye looked on.

He then offered a peck to Faye, cementing that she was the villa resident he fancied the least.

Viewers flocked to social media to vent about Brad's decision, with one writing: "Brad really went out of his way to cause that drama on purpose to show Chloe how much he wanted her over Faye."

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