Love Island’s Tyla Carr hid from photos for months because of horrendous post-pregnancy bald patches

Love Island star Tyla Carr has revealed that she tried to hide from photos taken at premieres and events because she hated her post-partum bald patches on her head so much.

Earlier this year Tyla, 25, said that she suffered from large bald patches in her hair following the birth of her son Archie in December last year. Her hair had fallen out in two large clumps about 6cm across above her temples around her hair line.

The hair loss happened quickly after breastfeeding and made the 25-year-old from Croydon, so self-conscious about her hair that for the past three months she would try to hide from pictures or would try her best to conceal her thinning hair.

But this week she posted some glamorous images of her hair and said that she’s only just fully bounced back from this huge blow to her confidence after taking a revolutionary new supplement called GROW by Hair Gain to grow back the hair that she had lost.

In the past few weeks Tyla has been telling the highs and lows of being a young mum and having a baby on her Instagram feed to her 420,000 followers and she shared the story of her hair loss, and is now thrilled that dramatically after only three months she’s got all of her locks back but that her hair is now thicker than before.

Tyla appeared on Instagram from her living room in a heart-warming video with her baby boy to show off her amazing thick hair and a fabulous glamorous style that she would never have attempted just a month ago.

She said: “I don’t have to hide my hair any more. I was going to events and I was worried about people taking photos, because after having Archie I had these two big bald patches on both sides of my head by my hair line, and I also didn’t realise that I had even bigger balder patches around my ear.

“But now it’s all grown back. It’s insane, I’ve been taking these Hair Gain tablets for over eight weeks now and I’m so thrilled with the results.”

Back in July, Tyla posted a video showing her chronic post-partum hair loss and had two bald patches in her hair on the sides of her head along the hair line and admitted that it had severely dented her confidence.

At that time she said: “It is horrendous, I began to notice clumps of hair coming out in the shower in the morning blocking up the plughole. My hair used to have lovely thick hair and it’s devastating to see how thing and lacklustre it looks now with bald patches around the temples.”

Desperate to find a solution, Tyla researched a range of remedies online before another mum recommended GROW by Hair Gain.

It contains powerful phytonutrients which can deliver fuller, thicker hair in just one month for women suffering hair loss from pregnancy, stress, anxiety, or hormone changes.

Tyla said: “They are completely natural and vegan supplements derived from pea shoots, I take two a day after a meal in the evening.”

Speaking this week on a video to her fans on Instagram she said: “I had bald patches after giving birth to Archie but now I can show you here the new growth that is coming back through and it’s absolutely incredible.

“It’s just amazing it’s so thick and long, considering I’ve only been taking Grow by Hair Gain for six weeks, I would have expected it to take longer. And it’s made from pea-shoots, and it’s vegan, so I’m going to carry on taking it.

“My hair has grown so much longer in a short space of time, so I’m loving it.”

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