Madonna Is Keeping Her Feud With Lady Gaga Alive

Madonna is here to swipe some more at her arch-nemesis Lady Gaga. The two have been slapping at each other for years and years. Even though they made fun of the feud on Saturday Night Live years ago, these two seem to be in an endless cycle of bringing each other up. Well now it’s Madonna’s turn and she’s bringing up Gaga “100 People” supercut.

Madonna has swiped at Gaga for her constant robotic blithering about how Bradley Cooper believed in her when no one else would during the making of A Star’s Is Born. Because Madonna is convinced that Gaga is her own personal Single White Female, she reached into her memory and tried to figure out when she had used the numbers 100 and 99 and 1 in a sentence, and bitch she found it.

The creative director of Vogue Italia, Giovanni Bianco, posted the old clip of Madonna saying, “There’s a hundred people in the room and 99 say they liked it. I only remember the one person who didn’t.” He captioned it: “My girl does and says everything always first,” and included some shit-stirring googley-eyes. Madge shanked at Gaga by reposting it on her Instagram Story.

Mother Reductive strikes again! Can’t wait for Madonna to reach into her memory and find out when she last got puked on for art. Here’s the video:

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