Madonna: Is This Bizarre Treatment a Sign the Singer May Need to Retire Soon?

Madonna is a global superstar and has achieved some truly incredible things during the course of her long career. She rose to fame in the eighties and in the decades since she has managed to maintain fan interest on a level that very few artists manage to achieve.

Madonna has also been very controversial on occasion, with some of her projects and stagewear raising eyebrows. These days, Madonna continues to tour the world, even at an age when most artists would have retired.

Still, there have been some indications that Madonna is tiring of the road, especially when it comes to some of the more bizarre health rituals she has been undergoing lately. Read on to learn about Madonna’s career, her intense diet and exercise routine, and what her outrageous health treatments are.

Madonna is a best-selling artist

Born in 1958, Madonna is widely known as the “Queen of Pop.” She is responsible for songs such as “Like a Virgin,” “Vogue,” “Like a Prayer,” and “4 Minutes.”

Madonna first gained attention in the 1980s, when she appeared on stage in outfits that would utilize elements from the Catholic faith, such as rosaries. She has also acted in a number of films, including Desperately Seeking Susan, Evita, and A League of Their Own

While Madonna has received her fair share of critics due to her over-the-top stage persona and willingness to talk and sing about sex, she has also been a major contributor to charities all around the world. She has six children, including two biological children and four that she has adopted in recent years.

Madonna is one of the few celebrities who has steadfastly maintained her image in the new decade. And although she has experimented with a wide variety of musical styles, she is still true to her original, iconoclastic self.

Madonna follows a strict diet and exercise routine

At 61 years old, Madonna’s stage performances defy her age. It doesn’t come easy: Madonna works very hard for the super-fit figure that she is famous for.

The singer works out six days a week and does multiple different types of exercise, including Pilates, ballet, and circuit training. She has admitted that she likes to “keep things interesting” in the gym and that she thrives on “shocking her body.” Madonna is also a noted devotee of Ashtanga yoga, a branch of yoga that involves difficult body-balancing sequences.

As far as her diet, Madonna follows a very strict diet known as the macrobiotic eating plan. The diet includes beans, nuts, and a select few vegetables, including pumpkin, radishes, carrots, and broccoli. While she does eat fish, she doesn’t eat red meat or dairy products. No doubt, this sort of strict plan doesn’t work for everyone, but it has transformed her body into a lean machine.

Is Madonna ready to retire soon?

Currently, Madonna is on her Madame X tour in support of her recently-released fourteenth album. The tour started in September 2019 and is set to conclude in March 2020.

While the shows have been very popular, there has been some controversy, including Madonna’s decision to not allow cell phones during the performances. In addition, Madonna has recently canceled several of her concert dates due to illness.

Madonna has been open with her fans about the setbacks and recently shared some Instagram photos of herself undergoing a bizarre medical treatment: autohemotherapy, which mixes the patient’s blood with ozone gas and is then pumped back into the patient’s body. While Madonna claimed that she “felt amazing” after the treatment, fans are wondering if all the medical attention she has been receiving is a sign that the 61-year old singer is ready to take things slower.

While Madonna has announced no plans of retirement and has notoriously stated that she’ll stop playing music when the critics “kill” her, it could be time for her to start taking a step back.

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