Margaret Josephs thinks Danielle Staub needs to ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

Danielle Staub will need to work hard to repair her relationship with Margaret Josephs.

Josephs recently told Page Six that a friendship is “off the table unless she’s willing to go on the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ tour for about a good year. Go to the ashram and then I’ll think about it!”

The Macbeth Collection founder, 51, and Staub’s relationship began to crumble after Staub, 56, picked a fight with Josephs over her hanging out with “RHONJ” costar Dolores Catania. Catania, 47, called Staub a “scumbag” in the midst of an argument on the last season of the show.

“Never in my life have I had someone have that reaction,” Josephs told us. “Grown women don’t behave that way. Stable people don’t behave that way.”

Josephs invited Staub to her house to hash out their differences on a recent episode of the show, but her efforts ultimately didn’t work out.

“I truly wanted to make up with her. I think everybody saw it. You know, I even when I watch it back I was like, ‘Wow. The emotion on my face — I really want to make up with her.’ And she really was like icy with me and it didn’t even click to me at that moment … I think our relationship unraveled from there.”

“We are not close. She’s not my people,” she added. “It’s kind of sad but we’ve — when you guys see the wedding and the whole thing … I said she was a bridezilla. I mean just imagine what that wedding is going to be like when you guys watch it. It’s no day at the beach in Bimini. You would hope it would be. But it’s not.”

Staub tied the knot with Marty Caffrey in front of Bravo cameras in the Bahamas in May, but their marriage began crumbling in July. She was served with divorce papers just four months later.

Their divorce is still ongoing.

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