Maura Higgins bedbound for three days after feeling ‘so unwell’ while ‘living off cereal’

Maura Higgins has said she’s been stuck in bed for days after suffering from a mystery illness.

The Love Island star, 31, said she’s been “living off cereal” for the past few days after coming down with a sickness over the weekend.

The star said: “I don’t think I’ve ever been so unwell” and posted a photo of a bathtub, adding: “After three full days in bed, I finally have the energy to wash myself. (Disgusting I know).”

The model also asked her fans for advice on what to eat as she posted a photo of a bowl of Coco Pops, as she said: “For those of you who live on your own, what do you eat when you are too ill to cook?”

In a video, she added: “And if you are wondering what that noise is, it is a fan, because the sweat that is protruding out through my body I can’t even explain.

"If I have not lost a stone from this illness, I’ll be shocked.”

It comes after the star recently hit out at trolls that claim she’s too skinny and stepped out in a daring cut-out dress.

The star, recently who recently denied romance rumours between herself and radio presenter Roman Kemp, appeared in her element as she made her way out of the Oh Polly fashion event earlier this week.

Former Love Islander Maura put on a revealing display as she donned a black mini cut-out number that showed off her washboard abs and slim waist.

She paired the outfit with some knee-high black satin boots and a crocodile patterned purse that she held on to with a silver chain.

Maura's daring outfit comes just days after she slammed trolls for claiming she’s “too skinny” as she revealed she can receive hundreds of messages a day criticising her appearance.

Following her time in the Majorcan villa, the Irish beauty carved a name for herself and signed a modelling contract last year with Elite Models, which also represents the likes of Kendall Jenner.

However, she recently criticised the negative attention she receives from trolls about her body.

Speaking to The Sun, Maura said: “I get it all the time. I get it so much. People writing: ‘Go and get a boob job’ or, ‘you’re too skinny.’”

She added that she often turns to her mum for advice and questioned why it’s OK for anyone to criticise anyone’s body, as she explained about reading comments: “I can be bad for. But I’ve got better. Now I’m a bit like, ‘I’m 31 – whatever.’

"Mammies do have the best advice. I tell mine everything, and I mean everything. There’s nothing I don’t tell her."

Maura added: “I’ve always spoken to my mammy about it and asked, ‘Why is it OK for people to turn around to your face and say, ‘God, you’re too skinny’?

"Would you ever say to somebody, ‘God, you’re too fat’? No, you wouldn’t.”

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