Maya Jama says it’s hard to know who’s genuine when dating in the public eye

Maya Jama has opened up about the difficulties of dating in the public eye, admitting it’s hard to know who to trust. 

The presenter, 26, revealed to that it can be difficult to know what people’s intentions are: ‘I always say it’s the same as not being in the public eye apart from there’s just more people that have opinions on it. 

‘And you don’t know if everyone’s genuine straight away, because from speaking to my friends, I’ve seen that some people can have ulterior motives and stuff. 

‘But I think dating’s just hard in general but then when you’ve got more opinions or more eyes on you, it’s harder, naturally.’

Like many young, single stars, Maya has often been linked to people she’s spotted interacting with – mostly with no truth to the rumours. 

She admits it’s frustrating, but has found that ignoring the gossip is often the best way to deal with it: ‘It’s really sad. I didn’t notice it so much before but it does seem like at the moment, if I’m even taking a picture with somebody, or if I make a joke about something or someone trolls and I reply, then it becomes like, “oh, is she dating so-and-so?” 

‘So I am like “ok, let me just not take pictures with anybody for a while or not make any jokes” because I’ve had enough of that.

‘It’s so weird because I don’t think boys get the same treatment, but it’s annoying because you’re caught in a Catch 22 if you replay it becomes a bigger deal which I’ve learned now. 

‘If I reply it becomes an actual story, if I just ignore it that seems like the best way to go about it.’

When it comes to dating, however, Maya admits that a man can impress her if he’s good in the kitchen.

She explained: ‘The way to my heart is definitely through food but I don’t really categorise people by “types” – compatibility is the most important thing for me, someone who makes me laugh… 

‘I think you know quickly if you have a connection with someone, and someone who doesn’t take me too seriously. 

‘It’s not so much about compromising but I do think it’s important for people in a relationship to have their own paths and identity outside of that relationship.’ 

Maya Jama has been challenged by Peperami Chicken Bites to find love at first bite, taking part in a unique dating experience that matches the superstar with singletons, based on food preference alone. To watch the episode, visit @PeperamiTV on Instagram.

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