Metallica To Launch Podcast With In-Depth Look At ‘The Black Album’

Metallica plans to launch a special podcast, called “The Metallica Podcast,” in celebration of the 30th anniversary of “The Black Album.”

“Coming soon… The Metallica Podcast! We’re starting with eight episodes taking a look behind the scenes at ‘The Black Album,'” the band tweeted.

The teaser also referred to the upcoming episodes as “Volume One: The Black Album,” which teases a possibility of future seasons.

“This album was the right combination of songs, right combination of producer with the right combination of desire, tenacity, [and] lineup of ideas,” drummer Lars Ulrich says in the teaser clip.

“The insanity that we do just to keep our own sanity, people identify with it and the fact that they’re not alone and we know that we’re not alone is what makes it all happen for me,” frontman James Hetfield said.

“I’ll just sit there and keep on playing for f**king 24 hours if I need to,” guitarist Kirk Hammett added with a laugh.

As part of the 30th anniversary celebration of their most popular album, the metal icon’s already plan to release a remastered deluxe box set on September 10 via the band’s own Blackened Recordings.

The band will also release a 53-artist covers album, dubbed The Metallica Blacklist, on the same day.

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